Help me fill my Pokémon Playlist for my blog! :)

What you can choose:

  • Anime songs
  • Game songs
  • Fanmade Songs
  • As long as it is Pokémon

Do you have a link for me?

Anonym asked : Hey!! Why don't you put some pokemon music in here? just an idea :p

Well, I could add a music box somewhere but I won’t turn it on autoplay! If it is that what you mean! :P

Anonym asked : How many followers do you have?

I have a total of 1016 followers! :) Before today though I had 1017! :P Hehe!


ilelieee asked : (/ )/

Thank you! :)

flowerling asked : (ノ◕‿◕)ノ

Aww, thank you! :)


(ノ⊙ヮ⊙)ノ — SENPAI

(ノ◕‿◕)ノ— I love your blog

(●﹏●✿) — I don’t talk to you, but stalk enjoy your blog from a distance

( ╹◡╹) — Want to be friends

(¬_¬) — Hate/Jealous of you/blog

(✖╭╮✖) — Dead to me

(≧▽≦) — You give me feels

(●ω●✿) — i want to see your photo

9 27 Aug.